Hello Danimaniacs,

With the dawn of a new year I though it might be a good idea to touch base and let everyone know how I see 2022 playing out. 2021 represented a fairly major course correct for us when I decided to fully commit to the Blender switch and focus on getting the first set of Kingdom Hearts models ready for use. Obviously learning Blender & making the models has taken up a considerable amount of my time & left the animation side of things a little sparse for the latter half of the year. This is sad, but also unavoidable since at some point it needed to be done, so better sooner than later. With this in mind, I want to try and make 2022 the year of staying the course. Keep the goals simple & stick to them without any major changes. Hopefully.

**TLDR: I’m going to keep doing the things I’m doing. I’m going to actually do the things I said I’m going to do. I might start a discord.**

But first I’d just to talk about the next couple months. Having had such a disastrous time with the Aqua x Riku thighjob video I have become acutely aware that I need more practice at Blender so I’m going to do a series of very short looped animations with the first 6 KH girls to a) give them each a testing & b) get some more practice at some of the things I’ve found myself lacking in. I’m also seriously considering adding a poledance video to Round #3 too, because I feel like animating to a beat is going to help get me used to 30 FPS. I’ve got a nice poledance set, I think everyone is going to like it & I’ve actual got some cool ideas I’d like to try. So I think that, along with the Medli projects will be my immediate focus for the next couple months before the next proper KH joint. But let’s talk about the larger goals for the year.

Goal 1 - The Continuation of Kingdom Hearts Round #3

I have all the requests, I have all the models I need to fulfil them and so throughout the year I’ll be working my way through these. Since the first one is now nearly finished that leaves:

– Naminé x Riku – Blowjob that turns into facefuck

– Naminé x Xion x Riku – Namine anal gimlet

– Aqua x Sora x Riku – Spitroast

– (plus maybe a poledance video featuring all 6)

Hopefully we’ll be able to get through all of those this year & then open up the floor to Round #4 when we do. I did take a bunch of extra requests for the 1000 follower raffle, some of which were simple enough that I’m probably going to do some of those too, either right away as practice or sprinkled in between. I want these to be as good as they can be so I’m not going to start the next official one until I’ve done a few more shorts and done some serious experimenting with cum. Riku x Naminé is going to need both a proper cum shot and some spit/slobber too so I’m going to set up a cum lab to run some tests. Then a few months from now get that one started & take it from there. I will take short breaks in between the KH vidoes (maybe a month or so) to focus solely on whatever big project is being worked at the time since I feel like the big projects are what have suffered the most last year.

The next big KH movie wont be started this year. Have to finish the Medli one & then do the Mei one, but then we’re doing to next big KH. Probably going to be the main focus for 2023, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Goal 2 - The Big Projects

We have the current Medli Cucks Link project which has been in development hell for over a year now. This is going to be my main focus for the first half of the year. I’ve done a very sizeable chunk of it already, but it’s been totally put on the back burner while I get the KH models ready. Now that the first ones are done & I can just forge ahead with their animations I can give this one the time it deserves. Once the Aqua x Riku one is done I’m probably going to devote a month just to this project (& a couple short KH loops) to try and get ahead. I’m still a little uncertain on what the final length will be, but I think I’m probably about half done, or very close to it. And then when it’s done that will tie a nice pretty bow on the Source Filmmaker era for Master Dan’s Dojo.

Overcast - Project Outline

Then it’s finally time to ACTUALLY do Mei in: Overcast. Originally slated as the FIRST movie it’s wound up getting pushed back to fifth. But it’s the first one that will have actual speaking (and lots of it) that will require lipsyncing & a voice actor for the male part (I’m seriously reconsidering voicing it myself because it turns out I’m terrible) so I’ve been more than willing to delay it until I feel like I’m good enough to actually do it properly. But I think the time has finally come. It will of course be a Blender production, which means I’ll need a Blender Mei. 

As I’m sure you can guess, I’ll be working with my own Mei model, made from the ground up the same way I have made the KH models. Luckily, this has been a silent project running in the background where I have been slowly experimenting with making some Overwatch models. I already have a Daz Gen 8 & a Daz Gen 8.1 Mei finished, I’m just deciding on the art style because I can’t decide if I want to try to stick with the original, go super realistic or split the difference. I really like the super real ones, they’re unique & something totally different from all the other Overwatch content. Plus I actually have the means to animate such a stupidly heavy model, so I might as well. On the other hand, it’s probably not what people want so my aim is to produce 3 different test versions and crowd source which one should be featured. It’ll be a wholly new, very realistic textures & hair versions VS realistic textures that use the original as a base VS me copy/pasting the hair & textures from someone else’s Mei because I cannot figure out how to get the right look myself. Maybe I’ll figure out option 3 a bit better by the time this becomes a thing, but there are already some very good versions of her hair & textures out there that it just makes more sense to use. No pics yet, I’m still working on her & we’re still in flux.

But whatever I decide, I think the main number 1 goal this year is to get this project underway.

Goal 3 - Model Creation

Making models is still going to be a big part of 2022. Until I’ve got the full KH roster ready to go there will be a relatively constant stream of them going through the creation mill. It wont be quite as frenzied as it has been recently though. Last few months I’ve really doubled down on getting the first 6 ready so right from the start of 2022 I have them available for use, but we’re not stopping there. We’ve only seen Riku & the girls but Sora is almost completely done, Pencer & Hayner aren’t far behind either. Wanted to make I had a few different guys on hand too. Then it’ll be the final 4 girls, Xehanort, Roxas, Venitas & Axel. I’m going to stop there with the dudes & only make the others if they get requested. 

Beyond that? The more obscure ideas like male & female heartless, maybe some Disney princesses in the same style so they can join in. I’m going to have some real fun with Anti-Aqua eventually too, she’s on the future list. And maybe Anti some others too? Who knows? What if the Anti-Aqua we know was only the first stage of the transformation? What if she would have gone on to turn into something…else? What would that look like? We’re looking further forward than 2022 on some of these but that’s where I see this going KH models wise. 

But first we need the main roster finished & I’ve added in an extensive range of customization options too so that I can keep adding new elements to the requests to keep things fresh and interesting. To give you an idea of what we’ll be working with each girl will come with 3/4 makeup options:

Plans for 2022

Skin texture options for tanlines, two levels of water droplets, adjustable skin specularity, adjustable skin bump strength, tears & mascara runs, skin blushing for body/face/genital/ass/knees:

Plans for 2022

And then about a gigabyte of wardrobe options for each of them ranging from comfy casual outfits to hardcore bondage outfits to swimsuits to strap ons & most importantly edited and very animatable (by which I mean removeable) versions of their default outfits. All their zips now actually unzip. Especially the guy’s pants:

Plans for 2022

Sora’s pants are still a work in progress, but we’re on the final tidying and beatifying stage.

Although they have a wide wardrobe I’ve really zeroed in on their classic canon outfits to make sure that they not only fit their new bodies cleanly, but come equipped with functional animation controls so they act realistically as clothes do. Most of them have their actual canon outfit models ported onto their new bodies but Aqua, Naminé & Olette have had their outfits replaced with proper Daz studio ones. Their outfits were generic enough that it made more sense to use more functional replacements for ‘a white dress’ or ‘a tank top’. That’s what we’re seeing on Twitter at the moment, the ‘finished’ versions of the first six girls in their canon outfits.

I’ve always been a very big fan of undressing scenes and I want to make sure that everyone can fully remove their entire canon outfit properly without having to cheat or cut. So the zippers all open like zippers, they open up logically & I can animate every step. Their other outfits will be functional too, a lot of them were selected specifically for having built in controls for this kind of thing. For example I have a bra that logically unhooks in the back like a bra should, t-shirts with shapes for being pulled off. The point here is to make sure that whatever the request, whatever the scenario, I’ll have something for it. That way once we reach KH Round #4 & the gloves really come off and you can ask for literally anything I’ll be able to comply with ease.

So I have the final KH guys & girls, Mei (& probably Symmetra too) scheduled for this year to add to my personal roster. But I’m also planning on making the occasional public model too. Currently I’m working on Blender Medli, who at the time of writing this is still being rebuilt to fix some pretty serious faults. Once I’ve fixed this problem is she will be very close to being done & once Aqua X Riku is done I’m going to focus on this along with the Medli animation. It’ll be a very Medli February! I hope only a month or two of focused attention will she her finished and available to all and then it’ll be onto the next one later in the year. I’ve already agreed ages ago to do Catra next so she’ll be my next project. I’m a lot better at making models these days so now I actually know what I’m doing it seems very plausible that I can finish Catra before the end of the year too & then I will open the floor to suggestions as to who is next. Since most of my models are for personal use, I figured I’ll let the people choose what public ones they want.

Goal 4 - Grow the Community

This one is a little different, it’s a small idea I’ve been mulling over for a little while. In essence it’d be little more than a private discord server for KH NSFW Blender creators where we could potentially help each other out, share resources, maybe work on some stuff together. Let’s just clarify one point here and now we’re all on the same page, I will not be making my models available on this discord, that’s not what it’s about. It’d be more along the lines of making new stuff for us to all use together. For example there are no good KH maps and I though it’d be nice if each of the girls had a themed bedroom to serve as a backdrop/scene location for content. In terms of time & skill, I can’t really make that happen right now. But a few people working together with a range of skills could certainly make that a thing. I’m alright at modelling but really bad at textures, maybe together with a texture guy we’d have something good. Doesn’t have to be that; alt haircuts? The Disney Princess Bedroom from Wreck it Ralph? Heartless tattoos? Just something I’ve been mulling over. I was thinking I might reach out to a few people to test the waters maybe at some point see if there is any interest in something like that. But if you are a KH Blender creator type person and this sounds like something you’d be interested in drop me some kind of digital communication message & I shall note your interest accordingly.

And there we have it, that’s the plan for 2022. I’m going to try as hard as I can to stick to this plan & not add any new huge projects or changes. That’s why I said about the poledance video right at the start so I can sneak that one little course correct in there before I say no more course corrects! Just get back to animating the big projects & giving you guys all the kingdom hearts you can handle.

Take it easy my dudes,

Plans for 2022
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