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  • It’ll be about 5-10 minutes
  • There will not be any voice acting
  • Scout’s in it
  • It’ll probably be out in 3-4 months & will be publicly released for free to all
  • It might take less time if you give me money though, please & thank you

Hello Friends,

The second official MasterDan Production is well past halfway done so I felt now would be a good time to announce it. It will feature Ariel from the Little Mermaid & Scout from TF2. We have five minuets of finished animation (without opening credits) with all the complicated stuff in done and somewhere in the region of another 5 minutes left to go but that’s all porn, no swimming so it wont take as long.

     “But Dan,” I hear you ask “What about Overcast with Mei?”


Don’t worry, that hasn’t been cancelled but I have postponed working on it to do this one first. Here’s why:

 #1 – I think it’s better from a growth standpoint to have two proper productions under my belt sooner rather than later, to show that Something About Fruit wasn’t just a one off & that I am also making longer format productions rather than just Kingdom Hearts loops. The Mermaid film is much shorter than Overcast & can be finished much sooner.

 #2 – Something About Fruit still gets 1000s of views a day & a second Disney property production will synergise better with that one & algorithms will be more likely to promote it. SAF has definitely peaked though so sooner is also better for this reason too.

 #3 – Disney’s ill-advised upcoming live-action re-make will (for better or worse) put The Little Mermaid closer to the forefront of the current public consciousness. More so than it has been for 20 years or will likely ever be again so if I’m going to make a Little Mermaid porno, having it come out before the live action one does will let me piggy back on all the attention the property gets because of it.

Basically if there was ever a time to make a Little Mermaid porn it’s now. So Mei can wait a little longer to get her moment to shine.

 Also #4 – There is no voice acting in this one so like in SAF, the ‘story’ (of which there is much less this time) needs to be told non-verbally through action & expression. I think that getting as much practice at this as possible before I start Overcast (which has voice acting) is only going to make Mei’s performance better because I’ll have a better foundation for making her act before we even get to the dialogue.

     “But what’s this movie going to be about?”


Put simply, Scout is fishing when he encounters a Mermaid who he convinces (blackmails) into blowing him. We are only using the Mermaid version of Ariel which means no pussy so the number of sex acts she can perform has a very hard, very low ceiling. For this reason we’re doubling down on blowjobs this time & we’re going to get in nice close for some very detailed sucking, licking, spitting, ball play, deep-throats & titfucking. Scout wont get rough with her though since Mei’s Overcast movie will feature rougher content & I want there to be as little overlap as possible between the two.

I do have a Post-Magic-Ariel with legs which I intend to use for other things, but I want to keep this one with the fish bottom because I have a sickness for story telling & if I have her get the legs I have to show her GETTING the legs & then I need an Ursula model & then I’m obligated to put in a tentacle scene and already you can see how it’s spiralling rapidly out of control. I’ll do some short animations & posters with the legs version though so you will get to see some cartoonishly huge dicks thrown inside of her, don’t worry.

     “Are you going to use any cool visual effects?”


Funny you should ask that question because yes, I intend to use this project as an opportunity to flex my Adobe Premiere muscles to try & apply an underwater effect that Source Filmmaker is not capable of. This will be accomplished by putting a green screen just above the surface of the water & rendering everything twice, once with & once without the green screen. Then I can layer the two together & apply effects to the bottom to make it look like it’s underwater. Here is a quick test I did to test the principle I’m talking about:

News - Aquatica Erotica

And here is a more refined version of the method which is what I used to make the official poster:

News - Aquatica Erotica

The poster version used an extra layer separating her from the background. I wont use this in the final method but for the poster I wanted to be able to exert a little more control than I’ll need in the animation to make sure that the still image looked nice. Having her & the water in the same layer shouldn’t be a problem as the method worked fine this way in the test. Also the ripple around her is just for the poster. I’ll need a different method to do this in the final thing but it’ll probably be a combination of a custom particle effect in SFM & something very slight in Adobe applied just in front of her at the water’s surface. All this was done in Premiere rather than Photoshop to make sure that all the methods used are applicable to animation & the water effect is animatable so it’ll be rippling pleasantly throughout.

     “Isn’t that an awful lot of work to achieve a somewhat minor visual effect?”

Yes. But doing an awful lot of work that nobody else would be bothered to do lets me have interesting animations that nobody else will have. I have also spent a lot of time animating her hair to make sure it behaves at least somewhat appropriately whenever she crosses the surface of the water & I want to accentuate this by there being a clearer visual difference between above & below. Plus it’s a good opportunity to get some practice at doing post production effects because once we get a bit further down the line with the big pictures, I want to be able to make them as cinematic as possible.

     “So when can we expect to see this?”

I’m going to optimistically say we are 3-4 months away from completion. All the really complicated animation with her swimming or Scout fishing is done now so it’s just good old fashioned porn to do now. I have a library of facial expressions & blowjob related lip positions I made in advance saved as pre-sets to speed this bit along too so I’m not expecting any significant delays.

And there we have it, this is where the majority of my time has been invested these this year, when I’m not making loops & Eldar Narn. I’m very happy with what I’ve got so far. As usual my favourite bits are all the non-porn bits. Scout fishing was a lot of fun, as was the obligatory dolphin dive she does at one point. The porn is all good too, but I do a lot of that & getting to do other interesting things as well is a pleasant change.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget that all new content gets posted to my Twitter & archived here on my website a little later & that you can support me on Patreon:

Take care everyone & thank you for your time,

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