2020 Headhack Collection B


Hello Friends,

I am in the process of planning out my production schedule for 2020 and I have created these five models to star in posters and short animations throughout the year. This will by no means be the only thing I work on as the big animation projects will still be my main priority, but I recognise that by just working on the same project all year wont help me broaden my skill set. Plus to grow the studio and it’s audience I need to be able to produce more regularly released content and sometime I struggle to come up with good ideas that can be expressed in a single picture or 10 second loop. The last thing I want to do is churn out garbage content for the sake of content so over the last month I have been finding and preparing these five characters who don’t have readily available nude models and therefore have not seen much if any Rule 34 content made for them. They are all characters I would genuinely like to see content for myself and am excited to work with & by setting this all up in advance i have time to think about what to do. This way, when I don’t have a strong idea for what to make for weekly content I can turn to this project and I’ll have all sorts of cool things ready to go with characters you probably haven’t seen before. 

All five have different outfit variants pieced together from multiple different models, unique underwear sets, full nude bodies, minor texture alterations (nails, tattoos, pubes & such) and all five are animation ready. They’ve each got a theme, a signature color in line with their outfit to guide the lighting setups & a principle location to set their scenes in. It’s taken a while & to be fair I haven’t really done much animation these last few weeks because of it but I see this as investing the time now so the models are ready to rock when I need them later, so I don’t have to break stride to get each model working and make these design decisions multiple times in the future. It’s all already done.

To make things interesting I decided that I would like you guys to decide what order they appear in & when each winner is decided I’ll open the comments section for suggestions. I give Patreon supporters the chance to influence the direction of the animated content, but I also want to make sure all those people who support me by liking, rating, following & re-tweeting my shit get their say too.

And don’t worry, I’ll be making all sorts of other stuff whenever the mood takes me. These five are certainly not the only things you can expect from me this year, there will be myriad other things mixed in there too no doubt. But this will give me something I can always come back to, if i need to.

And there we have it. I hope you guys like what you see and don’t forgot to jump over to my twitter @DansDojo to cast your vote for your favourite.

Once again, thank you for your time.

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