Overcast - Project Outline


  • Mei’s going on Backroom Casting Couch
  • She’ll be fully voiced with her in-game voice lines re-edited to make her say dirty things (no really, it works, kind of)
  • I’m voice acting the dude
  • I’m looking for a male voice actor who will work for no pay to replace me
  • It’ll probably take me a year & will be publicly released for free to all
  • It might take less time if you give me money please & thank you

Hello Friends,

So the first thing I’d like to say is thank you to everyone who has watched, liked, followed and re-tweeted my shit. I really appreciate all the support, all the comments & all the advice you’ve given me. Any criticism has been really helpful and I think without exception everyone who has given advice on where to improve has also qualified it with something positive they liked so thanks again to everyone. Ya’ll are the best.


Ok, it’s time to talk about Project #2. It is titled Overcast and stars Mei from Overwatch. The concept is at heart very simple, Mei goes on what is essentially Backroom Casting Couch and there are no ukeleles anywhere. In case any of you don’t know what that is, Backroom Casting Couch (BCC) is a non-animated porn series, framed as amateur models going to a casting session and getting banged out by the producer. This film is set in the fictional casting department of Master Dan’s Dojo Animation Studios, with the basic idea being we’re casting for upcoming features. That’s why there are posters for my current and upcoming films on the wall. The male producer role will be presented as one of my fictional employees, who I have named Rudi Van D’Sarnio. The plan is to try and stick as closely as possible to the BCC formula so that the movie really feels like one of their videos. There are certain positions, camera angles and a specific progression in the order and nature of the action that I want to try and mirror as closely as I can. Something that they all always have though is an interview portion at the beginning where the girl gets talked into it. What (I hope) will really make this video stand out is that it’s going to include this interview portion and be fully voiced using Mei’s in game dialogue and me performing all the guy’s lines. 

Now, I know what you’re all thinking “Dan! Mei doesn’t really say anything in the game that would make sense in the context of a BCC movie, you damn eejit!” and you would be correct. In order to get around this I’m going to have to painstakingly disassemble Mei’s lines into separate words, phrases and syllables and then re-assemble them to make her say whatever I want.  

Now, I know what you’re all thinking “Dan! That’s madness you can’t do that, you don’t know how and even if you did it would sound terrible” but this time you would be wrong. I figured out a way to do it and it’s already largely done. You see, this was originally supposed to be the first thing I made, but I shelved it to #2 when The Lifeguard model came out. I had however already put in months of work building the Mei soundboard and had actually completed the first 3 minutes of animation (which is how long the interview lasts) when I stopped production. This is why the lip syncing on The Lifeguard is actually pretty good, I’d already had some practice lip syncing actual dialogue at that point. As for how it sounds… it’s not that terrible, it really isn’t. Taken on their own there are some ropey lines that sound a bit disjointed, but all taken together I think there are more lines that sound OK or actually pretty damn good than don’t. It averages out to something that works and with good accompanying animation the ropey bits stand out less. The biggest problem though is that the very worst lines, the ones where I had the hardest time getting the words to sound right and the sentence to flow naturally, are right at the very very beginning. Which is annoying.

If this all seems like a whole lot of unnecessary extra work that’s because it is, but until we get to a point where I can hire voice actresses to play roles (if we ever do) if I want people to speak, this is the way it has to be done. So this project is kind of my experiment into just how much can be accomplished by editing the original game dialogue. I chose Mei, not just of because of her placement on my personal Waifu list, but because she has this rising/falling cadence to the way she speaks anyway that makes it harder to tell that I’m splicing bits and pieces of different sentences together. Hopefully I can refine my ability to do this to the point where I can apply this method to other characters or sound packs to produce more work with real speech in. This way if the Patreon never takes off and we don’t ever get to the point where I can get real voice actors involved, I still have options for dialogue.

Overcast - Project Outline
The Current Mei Soundboard
mei headshot
Stealth Clobbers Mei V3.1


The Mei model that I will be using is StealthClobber’s MeiNude-SFM-WIP-BetaV3-1. This is a very high quality model, with excellent textures, a whole range of in-built flexes and jigglebones for more precise animation to her thighs, ass and breasts. The Lifeguard was also an excellent model, but didn’t come with as wide a range of controls on her ass or breasts as Mei does so I should be able to achieve some much more appealing reactive animation there. I am currently working on some practice animations with Mei to get a feel for her various jigglebones (one or more of which might even have come out already). I have also built her a whole library of facial presets to speed up the animation process, so I can make her look happy or sad or ahaego at the click of a button. I’ve also made her a phoneme table (which is a preset list of all the various mouth positions required to lip sync actual speech). Source Filmmaker can be told to automatically apply these but that’s how you end up with Mass Effect Andromeda so we’ll be manually applying the lip sync, same as we did with The Lifeguard.



As mentioned there will be an actual, human male actor this time around too and in this role I have cast Artur who was made by Vismund and ported to SFM by Joe. He comes in three forms now; wearing a suit, wearing just a shirt & tie and completely in the nip. You don’t even want to know what went into getting him to wear that shirt and still work with a rig. That’s a whole thing, but suffice to say what you’re seeing there is actually three Arturs and one Dwight Fairchild frankensteined together into something animatable. We wont be seeing much of that because it barely works but the shirt has it’s own animation bones and the front and back and should add a slightly more realistic feel to the BJ scenes. The Dwight Fairchild model is from SFM steam workshop by Omgwtfwbbq and the suit is by Lord Aardvark.

artur suit pic
Artur Wearing Suit
Overcast - Project Outline
The Artur Equasion

At time of writing this Artur doesn’t have his phoneme table built yet (he has no facial flexes, so that has to be built by positioning the individual lip bones), so I need to set aside a day or so to get that done because it takes ages but the hard bit of his pre-production (his bastard shirt) has been done so he’s almost ready too. I also I will be voice acting this role myself which will be… interesting. No money in the coffers for real voice actors and if I can get good at it, it’ll save me considerably further down the line with or without the Patreon. Incidentally, any male voice actors who might be reading this who will work for credit, promotion & a shoe in the door for paid work later (hopefully) get in touch because I fear my voice acting is going to wind up being this video’s annoying ukulele song.


As you can see from the pictures, I’ve got the camera angles and the lights all in place for the first 3 minutes and the lights are setup so as not to need much if any adjustment as the scene progresses.

Overcast - Project Outline
Camera Angle Examples

I’ll need to move them a bit later when Mei has her back to the wall on the right and then again when the action moves over to the desk, but since the entirety of the piece takes place in just that one room, once those three lighting setups are complete I can just animate away. The project doesn’t really leave room for much exciting camera work, since to replicate the feel of a BCC video, most of the cameras will be fixed in place. We’ll have the one angle from the handycam that’ll be moving about, but all the other camera angels will be static. What I might do is slowly start having them move slightly towards the end on the piece, once the action moves back to the couch to keep things interesting.

In terms of pacing, we’re going to get to the action a bit quicker than we did last time. After the 3 minute interview at the start they do a brief SFW photo shoot, then a brief discussion about her getting naked, then she gets naked, starts diddling herself and it’s all porn from there. We do some masturbating, she starts blowing him then he bends her over the desk. We’ll spend some time here with some vaginal, lots of anal and the introduction of a double ended dildo. Then we move back to the couch for some more banging and finish there. The bent over the desk scenes Mei wont really be into it, but by the time we get back to the couch she’s going to have come around somewhat. She’s going to be quite vocal throughout and I have really focused on getting plenty of dirty things for her to say. In terms of runtime, I’m unsure but I think we’re looking at a minimum of 20 minutes.

Production time… realistically, a year, probably. I generally get two days a week I can put in a good 10 hour shift at it, but I struggle to get 10 hours spread out over the other days since I have a real job to support myself and I do terrible animation when I’m exhausted from a days hard graft already. This is one of the reason I setup my Patreon, if it ever gets high enough to cover me for a shift, I’ll work one shift less and have another whole day to do this instead. If it ever gets high enough that I can hire a voice actor I’ll immediately re-cast myself out of the role so it can be done properly. I don’t like asking for money and I’m never going to put my content behind a paywall it’ll come out for free and take as long as it takes even if I never get a penny, but I’ll be able to do so much more, much faster with your support. I’d do this 70 hours a week if I didn’t have bills & rent to worry about and I’d have Overcast done in about six months. Patreon supporters do get some cool rewards, but most important is your ability to vote on what content gets produced and really generous members can directly influence what happens in the feature productions. If you signed up today, you’d get to suggest some ideas for what happens to Mei in the film & I’ll try my hardest to include as much as I can. Check this and more out at:

So that’s the full breakdown of what planned and me shilling the Patreon done. I’m really looking forward to making this one. The model is a lot of fun to work with, she’s all jiggley in all the right places and I think that having Mei be able to speak in her canon voice but say disgusting things no one has heard her say before will give me a finished product that really sets it’s self apart in the near endless sea of Overwatch porn. Now if I can just get it finished in time for Overwatch 2, we’ll really be in business.

Thank you everyone for your time & all your support,

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