Thank you for your interest in Master Dan’s Dojo Animation Studios. I am the titular Master Dan and I produce NSFW adult animations and comics. Here at Master Dan’s Dojo the philosophy is that there is more to making Adult Machinima than simply spawning two models & having them smash digital uglies. We strive to go that extra mile to make sure that our productions are humorous, well rounded, story driven, engaging & most important & elusive of all, sexy. Lofty goals I know but like Master Dan always says: “Go Big or Go Home”. Welcome to the Dojo everybody.


I primarily aim to produce long format, fully voiced animations of around twenty minutes a piece with an emphasis on story telling, characters & humour in addition to hardcore smut for an immersive and rewarding pornographic experience that stays with you long after you’re done. I feel very strongly that story & character are at the heart of what makes great animated pornography & hentai great and that is what we plan to deliver with every production through engaging writing, expressive animation that doesn’t cut corners & a genuine love for doing this. Hopefully, as the studio grows, so will the scale of the productions as I intend to move towards making ongoing multi-part original content, bringing in voice actors & additional animators along the way. 

I have written two ongoing multi-part projects, the first which is a fantasy epic currently in production as a 3D ‘Online Graphic Novel’ titled: Eldar Narn, available here on the site. Please check this out as it will provide an excellent example of the type of content you can expect of me from a writing standpoint plus the scope & tone of the stories I eventually want to tell. The second multi-part series will remain under wraps for now, but is scheduled to begin production as my fifth animated feature (subject to change). You can find more information about our animation production schedule on the animations section of the site.


do not believe in spending a year animating a film to then put it behind a paywall so seven people can watch it. This site is intended to be the permanent home of all my feature productions, available to everyone for free. That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t like to be paid however. I’m just one guy with limited time & bills to pay after all. If you like what I’m doing & you would like to see it done better, faster & with a higher production value please consider donating to the Patreon: 

Patreons will receive early accesswork in progress updates, competitions, discord access, the ability to vote on which projects are undertaken or to choose which characters appear in a movie, behind the scenes videosdirector’s commentary & more! Once certain goals are reached we will even produce movies with specifically commissioned models, chosen by the patrons* which will then be also released for full free public access on both SFM & GMOD as well as the film it’s self! Is there that one models you’ve always wanted but nobody spared the time to port her over? Well this may be your golden opportunity. 

There IS Patreon only content, but the ONLY things that won’t go on to receive a free public release in some form are the behind the scenes & director’s commentary videos. ALL animations and ALL of Eldar Narn will be released for free once completed.

Every little helps so if you can spare anything to aid in my ongoing quest to make the best freely available animated pornography I can, I really appreciate it.

*With some limited restrictions based on legality & personal taste, see patreon for more details

Current Production - Medli in: medli Cucks Link

Animated feature #4 - Medli is seriously
under-rated & deserves to get her own X-Rated outing. Everyone else in the Legend of Zelda
universe has cucked him so it seems like
the thing to do is give Medli a turn.

Progress to Completion:
Medli in: Medli Cucks Link 25%