Edge of Tomorrow

Here we have the second ‘Feature Length’ animation from Master Dan’s Dojo. This was never supposed to be 14 minutes long, I was actually aiming for something much shorter but I got kind of carried away. I think it was worth getting carried away though, the full version is much better than the short version would have been.

Because this one was never supposed to be an official ‘Featured Animation’ & was not previously advertised as being so I have added the 4k no watermark version to the $5 tier on the Patreon  instead of the $10 tier so you can get it along with all the shorter animations.


Something About Fruit Film
Edge of Tomorrow

Release Date: December 2020
Runtime: 13:47

Base Male Nude Model Created By:
Lord Aardvark

Base Female Nude Model Created By:

KH Model Headhacks By:

Principle Female Audio: