The Feature Animations scheduled for production during 'Phase One' which largely amounts to me practising the skills & hopefully raising the money needed to produce Animation #5, which is really what all this is about.


#1 - Lifeguard x Stitch in: Something About Fruit

The Lifeguard is carrying some fruit down the beach for some reason when she has a strange encounter with an odd creature. Although reluctant at first she soon decides to jump his little blue bones. This is my first ever full animated feature.


#2 - Kingdom Hearts: Edge of Tomorrow

Kairi & Namine have a surprise in store for Sora & that surprise is getting totally blue-balled as they edge the shit out of him whilst doing increasingly dirty things to each other.


#3 - The Little Mermaid in: Aquatica Erotica

Scout from TF2 is fishing when he has a chance encounter with a legendary cryptid. Not wanting to miss this opportunity he finds a way to get some hot mermaid puss. Except without the puss because, you know, vagina-less fish person. But I work with what I have.


#4 - Medli in: Medli Cucks Links - 25% Finished

Because that's how it goes. Every other female character in the verse has cucked him & now it's Medli's turn. Originally planned as a 2020 Xmas surprise it got pushed back but there is no need to keep it quiet anymore.


#5 - Mei in: Overcast - PRE-PRODUCTION - 3%

Mei has spent all her overwatch money & so to make ends meet she takes a routine modelling gig, but winds up on backroom casting couch. This feature is fully voiced using Mei's original in-game dialogue torn apart & then re-assembled to make her say whatever I want. Also Blender.


#6 - Boin Attack: Patreon Choose Edition

This time I'm going to animate one of my favourite classic Dead or Alive doujin: Boin Attack Xtreme Show Time.
The twist is that my Patreon supporters (assuming there
are any) will get to choose who stars in it. Will it be Max & Chloe? Or Yennifer & Ciri? The choice is yours.


#7 - Episode 1 of Master Dan's Secret Serial Production

I originally wrote this as a doujin but it turns out i'm a terrible artist. This is why I got into NSFW animation, to bring this project to life. Story & script are already done. I am hoping we have some Patreon supporters by this point as this one needs lots of voice acting & some custom models.

Current Production - Medli in: Medli Cucks Link

Animated feature #4 - Medli is seriously
under-rated & deserves to get her own X-Rated outing. Everyone else in the Legend of Zelda
universe has cucked him so it seems like
the thing to do is give Medli a turn.

Progress to Completion:
Medli in: Medli Cucks Link 25%