This is a test i did to try out a method of producing a cell shading effect in source Filmmaker by rendering the shadows as completely separate layers and then blending them together, rather than the conventional method where a single light has very sudden changes in the banding to generate all the different shadow intensities at the same time. While my way take much longer and involves much more fiddling about with the light positions, it gives me much greater control over each degree of shadow for a more pleasing effect. The ultimate goal here is to be able top apply with method to animation. This picture had some post production edits performed in Photoshop which would not be possible for animated content (since I’d have to edit every single frame) so the effect here is better than the one I’ll be able to use on animations, so this is kind of my ideal version. The aim moving forward is to refine the method in Adobe Premiere to get as close to this look as possible. I have already begun testing this out and there is already a first test using Catra, which had mixed results but did ultimately prove that the theory is sound and is applicable to animated content.

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