Something About Fruit Film

So here we go, my very first full animated feature. I had about 10 months experience animating when I started this and it took 18 months to complete so the majority of my experience animating is making this movie. My animation skills slowly improve throughout the film and this means the animation at the end is a lot better than it is at the beginning, so please give it chance to get going.

Full size, un-watermarked edition is available for those Patreon members generous enough to donate at the $10 tier or higher and that will have the director’s commentary track added once I record it and figure out how to add on secondary audio tracks.

I wont ramble on about the film here, I’d rather let it speak for it’s self but you can read my extended thoughts on the finished product and it’s production on the release blog post on the blog section of the site: Here


Something About Fruit Film
Something About Fruit Film

Release Date: October 2019
Runtime: 32:10

Principle Models Created By:

Princeiple Models Ported By:

Lifeguard Audio:
Tomb Raider 2013 Audio Pack

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