Making posters is not really my primary focus but occasionally the mood will take me. Sometimes I want to test out an idea for a future animation or a lighting setup and end up with something that looks cool. Sometimes I want to play with a model without investing all the time to animate it. Sometimes I’m just bored. There are lots of reasons to make dirty posters and here you will find all of the still image content we produce, both SFW and NSFW. I’m always keen to hear what you think so please leave a comment and feel free to share on social media to help us get the the word out. Or don’t and just jerk off instead, that’s cool too.

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Plans for 2022

Hello Danimaniacs, With the dawn of a new year I though it might be a good idea to touch base and let everyone know how I see 2022 playing out.…
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Blog – Year 2, 2021 & Beyond!

Hello & Happy New Year to all you Dan-imaniacs out there. What with the completion of Edge of Tomorrow & the dawn of a new year I though it would…

Misc Gallery

A random gallery containing all the one off posters that don’t belong in any of the other specific
galleries. A little bit of everything and anything.


Overwatch Gallery

Think I've done enough of these that they deserve their own galley now. And there will certainly be more to come. I know everyone does Overwatch & it's been done to death but I at least tried to give them custom bodies & outfits to make things a little different.


Nadya Gallery

A gallery containing some of my very early work with a now defunct OC I probably wont be returning too. A nostalgic gallery so I can look back on where I started.